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The go-to source for choosing your next road cycling adventure in the Calgary area and Southern Alberta. To navigate this site check out the Cycling Directory or Rides Blog menu options. There you can see our most current road cycling adventures and our library of recommended routes. Each route contains a link to the Ride With GPS app which includes a map, elevation / grade chart and turn by turn written instructions. The free version of the app works very well and is easy to use. More below if you are interested in learning about how to download to your device.

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Our Vision

  • Provide road cycling route suggestions that have a sense of adventure, fun and fitness primarily in the Calgary and southern Alberta area.
  • With the many paved and quiet country roads that we have around Calgary, we seek out lower volume motor vehicle traffic routes for a more stress free and safe ride.
  • Rate our routes so that beginner, intermediate, and expert road cyclists can find just the right route for their next adventure.
  • Update our followers with current road cycling conditions or suggested routes.

If you want to read about our most current cycling adventures see our Recent Cycling Adventures.

How to download to your device

To view the routes click on the Ride with GPS bright blue button on each of the ride description posts. There are Ride with GPS links to all the route maps, coordinates and elevation charts in the Rides blog. If you want, create an account on Ride with GPS so that you can start planning our own routes. There is a Free plan available (which is what we use) which is very easy to use.

You will need a Basic or Premium subscription to Ride with GPS in order to download the route information and get voice turn by turn instructions on your device. For more information on the cost for this check out the plans available. We are not in any way associated with Ride with GPS. We usually go old school and take along a print out of the route or screen shot on our phone. Our routes are quite simple so we do not find the need for voice instructions….

Enjoying the many miles of quiet country roads near Calgary. Twp Rd 35 near Carstairs.

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Elizabeth Oberhofer cycling up Parker Ridge on the Ice Fields Parkway. May, 2016

Backroad, guess where?