Tire Width

23mm, 25mm or 28+ mm?
When the rubber hits the road these days it’s recommended to have thicker more durable tires (25 to 28 mm or more). This was highlighted when Karen’s husband went over some abrupt pavement level changes in a construction zone. Shortly after the impact he noticed that his rear tire was flat. Karen’s 28mm GatorSkins took the abuse without any issues.

Experts say that riding with wider tires at lower pressures is “faster and more comfortable in non-lab, real world conditions”

Of course you are limited by the size of your bike rim and must have clearance to handle the larger sizing. Considering whether you should switch to a wider tire and worried about speed and efficiency? After doing the math (don’t worry, they do it for you in this article), here is your answer.
Myths in Cycling: Wider Tires are slower