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The following items are all common sense but please consider them each time you head out on a cycling adventure. We have deliberately avoided busy roadways but that means you must be very cognizant of bike etiquette since you are riding on routes where there are working ranches and farms.

  1. Do not wear headphones while cycling
  2. Wear a properly fitted helmet and sunglasses. Carry a clear pair of glasses to wear if it gets cloudy.
  3. Wear brightly colored reflective clothing and bring some layers. Gloves are a must and so is sun protective clothing (ie forearms) and sunscreen since you are very exposed to the elements.
  4. Consider attaching a rear blinking light for even better visibility
  5. Invest in a rear view mirror to eliminate dangerous shoulder checks
  6. Pull off to the side of a road or pathway when you stop to avoid becoming a hazard yourself
  7. Ride single file along roadways
  8. Bring more fluids and food than you think you will need just in case…..
  9. Check the weather forecast! In the prairies and foothills leave early in the day to avoid winds and dangerous storms which blow up later in the afternoon
  10. Plan to cycle with at least one more person. Cycling by yourself is not as enjoyable anyway.
  11. Bring your cellphone, ID, bankcard (or some cash) and let your significant others know where you are going
  12. Bring a small pump (or pressurized cartridge) , spare tube (or patch kit) plus a multi tool which should have a tire lever (2 tire levers are more effective).