Goldenrod, Madden, Dog Pound Panhandle

Aug 7, 2021 was a smoky day due to wildfires in BC and Alberta. But even then the views of the farm land between Madden and the Goldenrod Hall are spectacular. The condition of this road on this stretch of the ride is excellent….not a pot hole or pavement crack in sight.

Ride Statistics

Ride Difficulty Rating: Intermediate with option for a Beginner ride by turning around at Madden

Distance: 69.4 km

Estimated time: 3.5 hours based on 20 km/hr cycling speed

Elevation Gain: 362 m

Maximum Elevation:

Maximum Grade: 2.5% on the return trip south of Madden, uphill 2.5 % downhill just before you head south on Twp Rd 30

Best Parking Option:

Park at the Goldenrod Hall, Park away from building so that those using the building have close access. To navigate there, use Google Maps and search for directions to the ‘Goldenrod Hall’.

Points of Interest:

Who needs a point of interest when the views are breathtaking. The entire route is a visual treat of working farms very close to the city.

Madden Community Center is a good safe resting spot.

The super smooth pavement on the Twp Road 292, which you will be on just past Dog Pound, is a treat to cycle.


There is an outdoor portable toilet behind the Community Center in Madden. Also, the campground is open in the summer as is the golf course, so if you really need washrooms, you can check there.

Comments from our test riders:

Beginner Road Cyclist: Fantastic out and back. I turned around at Madden.

Intermediate Road Cyclist: I loved this ride as I could really get going and there are very few STOP signs along the route.

Expert Road Cyclist: A good route for an early Saturday morning spin.

What to expect from this ride

What a fantastic route and very close to the north Calgary city limits and Airdrie. Starting and ending at the Goldenrod Hall this panhandle out and back route has low motor vehicle traffic volumes and relatively gentle grades. A nice resting spot is the Madden Community Center and if you are lucky you can watch a community baseball game at the adjacent ball diamond for entertainment.

The section from the Goldenrod Hall to Madden is a gentle winding road without a single STOP sign for over 20 km’s, so a good section to get in the rhythm and spin up. The road condition is also excellent so you are not dodging pot holes along the way.

This ride would be suitable for beginner road cyclists by turning around at Madden for a shorter out and back.

When parking at the Goldenrod Hall please park well away from the building as not to block any access. If there is an event going on please seek out alternate parking in the area. Many of the community halls do not allow parking but this hall does not have ‘No parking’ signage, so let’s not give the hall manager a reason to change this. Use caution when pulling out of the hall parking lot as the two way stop at this corner is very, very busy. Once you turn north, the traffic volumes are significantly lower.

It can get windy in this area so plan for some cross winds coming from the west. Bring layers and ride single file. Have fun!