Madden to Dog Pound

Ride Statistics

Ride Difficulty Rating – Beginner

Distance – 26.4 km

Elevation Gain –190 m

Maximum Grade –  Uphill grade of 2.2% early in the ride and downhill of 2.5% late in the ride (Perfect for Beginners!)

Best Option

Park in Madden at the Madden Community Centre just south of the Beaver Dam Golf Course and RV Resort on AB-Hwy 772.

Comments from our test riders:
Beginner Road Cyclist – ‘Awesome ride!.’

Intermediate Road Cyclist – ‘Such a great ride with little traffic. ’

Expert Road Cyclist – ‘A great ride when I am short on time’.


What to expect on this ride

Short on time but want to squeeze a ride in? This is the ride for you. This short distance loop from Madden to Dog Pound and back has a little of everything, some smooth pavement, some rolling hills, some awesome views and very little motor vehicle traffic. This is a perfect ride for the Beginner cyclist. At only 26.4 km with a maximum uphill grade of 2.2 % at 4.3 km (early in the ride) and downhill grade of 2.6 % at 21.4 km (late in the ride) makes for a very pleasant country ride which will take you through the Dog Pound area and along Twp Rd 292. This is a great ride for those new to road cycling or those just wanting a short afternoon ride. This ride passes through the community of Dog Pound known for its summer Rodeo. Held in mid July, Dog Pound has proudly hosted this rodeo for over 110 years!

This route is  one of our favourite rides due to the light traffic, views and road conditions. We have cycled this area on both weekdays and weekends with very little difference in traffic flow and volume. Part of this route is along the ‘super smooth’ asphalt Twp Rd 292 which is a pleasure to ride and there are lots of rolling hills. The drive to Madden is approximately 30 minutes (42 kms) from the west limits of the city. This ride is recommended for calm, warm days.

For a longer distance ride in this same area check our the Madden-Water Valley-Cremona route or the Madden-Water Valley-Cremona (Short version).