Rosebud to Standard Out and Back – A Plains Traverse

Village of Standard

Ride Statistics

Ride Difficulty Rating: Beginner

Distance: 46 Km

Estimated time: 2.5 Hrs based on cycling speed of 20 km/hr

Elevation Gain: 400 m

Maximum Elevation: 972 m

Maximum Grade: 7.2%

Best Parking Option: Village of Rosebud street parking.

Points of Interest: Historic town of Rosebud, Museum, The Rosebud Theater, shops and galleries.

Amenities: There are limited amenities in this small village and nothing is open first thing in the morning. Plan to use facilities on the way to Rosebud and bring everything needed for hydration and energy.

Comments from our test riders:

Beginner Road Cyclist: This route was a perfect lead in to more difficult rides due to the gradual hill climbs. It was very nice not to be on a busy road!

Intermediate Road Cyclist: I enjoyed the hills and scenery and found this to be a great early season training ride.

Expert Road Cyclist: I could do this twice and really get the training I need on a good road surface.

What to expect from this ride

Alberta has some very picturesque countryside East of Calgary. Many of the small towns and villages are worth a visit. This easy out and back cycle trip should be undertaken early in the day when the weather forecast is safe for an exposed prairie trip. There are few trees and buildings to hide behind out here! The wonderful thing is that the traffic is minimal and you can see it coming from a long way off.

It is recommended to start in Rosebud and head South on the Hwy 840 until you reach Standard. On the way, after 15 Km, you will come to the intersection of Hwy # 564. Please come to a full stop here and then continue South. You will reach Standard in approximately 23 Km and can make a pit stop before returning to Rosebud.

Take advantage of the arts scene in Rosebud and view one of the plays that feature outstanding talent (the buffet is excellent too). Drumheller is also close by so you can go fossil hunting and visit the Tyrrell Museum if time allows.