Springbank Tour

A great day for a Sunday afternoon ride in Springbank. The roads can be busy in this area but this route takes some of the quieter roads. June, 2022

Ride Statistics

Ride Difficulty Rating: Beginner

Distance: 28 km

Estimated time: 1.5 hours based on cycling speed of 20 km/hr

Elevation Gain: 296 m

Maximum Elevation: 1,234 m

Maximum Grade: At km 1.4 the max 4.8% uphill climb, downhill at km 6.4 a -5.9% grade

Best Parking Option: Park any where along Crestmont Blvd, SW in the neighbourhood of Crestmont. Crestmont is labelled by the City of Calgary as a SW neighbourhood but in my opinion it is in the NW…It is the last Calgary neighbourhood as you take the TransCanada Hwy heading to Banff. It is a bit tricky due to construction in this area to access the neighbourhood so use Google maps to guide you to the starting point.

Points of Interest: At Km ~5 the view of the Elbow River Valley from Escarpment Drive is stunning.

Amenities: None

Comments from our test riders:

Beginner Road Cyclist: A fun little ride that can be done in small groups. Be aware, visible and alert on the overpasses of the TransCanada Hwy.

Intermediate Road Cyclist: A good training ride on a calm evening.

Expert Road Cyclist:

What to expect from this ride

This route is a tour of the Springbank area which can be accessed from the neighbourhood of Crestmont. This route will take you on a tour of the extravagant Springbank acreage homes and their grounds and has some stunning views of the mountains and the Elbow River Valley. See if you can spot the incredible purple home on Range Road 34!

This area can be windy, so pick a calm day for your ride. When you park along Crestmont Blvd. be respectful and do not block any driveways.

This ride would be great to meet some friends and cycle after work.

Use caution when you cross the TransCanada Hwy as you will need to do some frequent shoulder checking prior to lane changes to avoid those cars using the turning lanes. I would recommend using a tail light on your bike to increase your visibility.