Recent Cycling Adventures

June 26, 2022

Well, it has been a month since we have contributed to this part of our blog….but that means we have been out cycling. We are both training for the Whistler Gran Fondo on Sept 10th so have been keeping that in mind as we choose our routes, making sure that we get lots of km’s with hills.

With the price of gas high this summer we have been cycling closer to home. Some of our routes that are closer to the city limits are the Bearspaw Tour, Calgary to Chestmere, Springbank, and the Big Hill Springs Out and Back.

Although they are not routes in this blog, we have explored the Fish Creek Park and the Bow River pathway systems including a few Edworthy Park hill repeats to add some elevation.

Looking South on the Grand Valley Road Sunday, June 26. This is a fabulous place to cycle with low traffic volumes through Alberta ranch county.
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