June 4, 2023

Today was a perfect day for cycling south of the city and our favourite route is, of course, the classic Road to Nepal. This ride is one of the first longer distance rides that we did when we first got our road bikes and one of the first to be included in our website. The main part of the route has not changed but access has. We have three parking suggestions. Guaranteed fabulous views!

May 28, 2023

If one could ‘love’ a road, my love would be for Twp Rd 292 which runs east-west just north of Madden. Why you ask; this road is smooth, predictable and safe. There is very little motor vehicle traffic and not a pot hole in sight which guarantees a stress free cycle. I am amazed at how few cyclists use this road in fact I encountered none today. Check out any of the following routes that include a section of cycling on Twp Rd 292. Tell us what you think.

Madden to Dog Pound – 26 km.

Madden – Water Valley – Cremona (Short Version) – 58.7 km

Madden – Water Valley – Cremona – 73 km.

Carstairs Loop – Spectacular Farmland Vistas – 66.8 km


Archived Cycling Adventures

Oct 23, 2022

My last great fall ride.

Well, I would call that a wrap! The snow hit hard and fast in Calgary this week after a fantastic road cycling fall season. We will be back testing and recommending fabulous road cycling routes in and around Calgary in the spring. In the meantime, to keep your mind on cycling join a spin class, set up your basement trainer, join some cycling specific off season training (I am joining Dynamic Cyclist for their winter training online program and no they do not sponsor us), listen to a cycling podcast like The Move (again, no sponsorship), or rewatch some cycle racing footage, what ever it takes to keep learning about this fantastic sport. Consider reading some cycling books like The Midlife Cyclist by Phil Cavell or Maximum Overload for Cyclists by Roy Wallack (both available at the Calgary Public Library).

This summer we challenged our selves to train and participate in the Whistler Gran Fondo. We did it, all 128 km, and over 2000m elevation gain (According to our Stavra stats). This event is enough to make a grown man cry and fall to his knees, especially this year as many recreational riders were met with no food and electrolyte when they reached the first two aid stations. In addition it was 32C in Whistler when we arrived. We experienced quite a few fit looking riders being picked up part way to Whistler by their families and others walking their bikes or taking a break by lying down in the ditch. We both reached out to the event organizers, and they have promised to do better next year. Unfortunately for us, there will not be a next year as this experience has sworn me off organized rides. We are committing ourselves to continue our quest to provide you, our followers, new and safe routes for the enjoyment of the sport.

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