The Seven Closed Roads – Recommend as an early season goal

As promised we have compiled a list of the Seven Closed (to motor vehicle traffic) Roads for you to put on your bucket list. Here they are:

Yoho Valley Road

Canmore – Lake Minnewanka Loop via the Legacy Trail – 56 km (Lake Minnewanka)

Banff to Lake Louise – 111 km (Bow Valley Parkway)

Highwood Pass – Multiple Distances

Sheep River Ride – Spring Road Closure Delight – 35.4 km (Please see our 2022 update on this route)

Allen Bill to Forget-me-not Pond – 38.3 km (Elbow Falls)

Great Divide Highway 1A from Lake Louise towards Field

An eighth option is Morraine Lake Road. This one does not make it on the list officially, as usually there may only be a one to two day window to ride this without motor vehicles and it varies year by year.

Did we miss any closed roads that are road friendly? Please let us know.

Cochrane to Water Valley out and back

This group of cyclist are enjoying the route. Note how their solid colour jerseys show up well and they are all riding single file.

Note: as of Aug 7th, 2022 there is road upgrading being done on Horse Creek Road so this route it not paved the whole way as a result.

Ride Statistics

Ride Difficulty Rating: Intermediate

Distance: 81 km

Estimated time: 4 hours based on cycling speed of 20 km/hr

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Mountain View – Bearspaw to Cochrane Out and Back

Ride Statistics

Ride Difficulty Rating – Beginner for shorter route, Intermediate with add on.

Distance – 44.1 Km out and back (with short loop near the end), 52.3 km with Cochrane hill alternative extension for Intermediate and Expert riders

Estimated cycling duration – Just over 2 hours…

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Big Hill Springs Out and Back

Look at that Alberta sky!!! June, 2020 Bearspaw Rd

Note: as of June 26, 2022 the Big Hill Springs park is reported to be open after being closed all summer 2021. Another development noticed is that Lochend Road has had heavy traffic at times so use caution during these times.

Ride Statistics

Ride Difficulty Rating – Beginner

Distance – 44.2 Km out and back

Estimated cycling time – 2.5 hours

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Sundre Timber Trail With Optional Extension on the Burnt Timber Road

Main Route

Ride Statistics

Ride Difficulty Rating – Beginner for short loop, Intermediate with the optional extension

Distance – 49.2 km circle route, option for an additional 44.0 km out and back

Estimated cycling time – 2.5 hours with out the extension

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Four Hills of Banff

Map includes distance markers (in white) from the Cascade Pond parking area. Points of interest are labelled 1-4. Look at those switch backs up the Mt. Norquay road!

Ride Statistics

Mt Norquay road has been recently paved so it is a nice smooth ride up the six switch backs. Watch for mountain sheep on this steep road.

Ride Difficulty Rating – Intermediate and Expert

Elevation Gain – 848 m

Distance – 49.7 Km combination of loops and out and back routes

Estimated cycling time – 3 hours due to steep grades

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Lake Louise to Waterfowl Lake Out and Back


Beautiful Bow Lake. May, 2016
This is an out and back ride starts at Lake Louise. Points of interest labelled 1-3.

Ride Statistics

Ride Difficulty Rating –  Expert due to the distance and elevation gain and grade up to and down Bow Summit

Distance – 120.7 km out and back Elevation Gain – 1309 m

Estimated cycling time – 6 hours assuming 20 km/hr.

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